Souvenirs Published

souvenir 1

This souvenir was published on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the celebration of Christ The King Feast in Vettucaud in 1992. The Souvenir Committee consisted of Fr. L Romanse (the then Parish Priest), J Augustine (the then Convenor), M Anuculas (Editor), and other members: M Joseph, Joy Thomas, J Antony, J Sebastian, Fredy Fernandez, Stephen Gomez, Robert Fernandez, Rockey, Mathew Gomez, A Clement and Vincent Raj. The souvenir contains messages of eminent personalities, articles on history of the parish, parish institutions, Christ The King etc.

souvenir 2

This latest souvenir was published on 31 January 2018, on the occasion of the Consecration and Inauguration of the newly built church building. The Souvenir Committee consisted of Fr. T. Nicholas (the then Parish Priest), T Marshell (Convenor), Berby Fernandez and Victor Fernandez (Publicity Convenors), Joy Thomas (Chief Editor), Vincent Raj (Associate Editor), and other members: F Abilius, Raynold T, Raju V, Aloysius T, Antony George. The work details the novelty, art and history of the new church, different articles from various strata of the society on church and civil matters, the donors etc.