Christ The King Shrine

Christ The King ShrineChrist The King Shrine

Vettucaud Shrine or കുരിശടി or പാദം hosts the miraculous statue of Christ The King. Many devotees, pilgrims and the faithful from the parish and around come and pray in this holy area and get blessings from Jesus, the Son of God. Mr. Carmen Miranda, the father of the first native priest Fr. Hilary, inspired by the picture of Christ The King received from Rome, initiated the making of the statue with the help of artists from Champakkulam in Kerala. The statue was designed as Christ The King in a standing posture with his right hand raised in blessing position and his left hand embracing the cross to Him: the king in royal garments standing on the globe looking at each one of us.

In 1942, Rt. Rev. Dr. Jose Viaro Alvernes, Bishop of Cochin blessed the statue and dedicated for public prayers. From 1983, the feast of Christ The King had begun to be celebrated with the colorful flag hoisting ceremony. In 1980, the Padapooja, authored by Fr. G. Stephen as a devotion to Christ The King, had begun to be prayed on every Friday at 7.30 pm since then and now at 11.55 am too.