Madre de deus Church Vettukad is a part of the Holy Catholic Church.

The catholic church is headed by His Holiness Pope Francis who is the 266th successor of St. Peter. Catholic Church is having dioceses around the world with cardinals, Bishops, Priests, religious and  faithful.

Spiritual and ecclesatial authority over the Parish is vested with Trivandrum Arch Diocese. The Arch diocese was formed in the year 1937, by bifurcating the Kollam diocese. However coastal parishes of the district including Vettukad was under the jurisdiction of Kochi diocese till 1952 wen it was handed over to the Trivandrum Diocese. Most Rev. Dr Soosapkaiam is the present Arch Bishop.

The diocese is divided into 7 Foranes and Vettukad Parish is under the Valiathura Forane. The present Forane Vicar is Rev Dr Cyrus Kalathil, Parish Priest of St. Annes Church Valiathope.

Vettukad Parish is shepherded by Rev Fr. Joseph Bastin since 2018. Rev Fr is assisted by Fr Prabhal and Fr Vishal.

Vettukad Parish is having around 7500 faithfuls

The Parish is divided in to 41 units , designated as Basic Christian communities. 3-4 BCCs are grouped into wards. There are 10 wards in the parish.

Parish Council is the Governing body of the Parish. The Parish priest is the president of the council and Superior of Mystical Rose convent is a permanent member. Each ward is represented by a member in the parish Council .Apart from the ward representatives various ministries like TSSS (Social Ministry) , KCYM (Youth ministry), Education Ministry, Spiritual organisations and Fisheries Ministry are represented in the Council. The total number of members in the council is 23. One third of the membership is reserved for women.